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Thanks for visiting my personal website.  As you may know, Natalie Durflinger, Esq. and I founded Durflinger
Oliver & Associates in 2010. There's more information about
that Tacoma DUI Law Firm under the Attorney at Law tab to
the left.

For more information on Natalie, please visit www.durflingerlaw.com.

You should also check out www.ticketgangsta.com
This is the website we've put together to highlight some
of our Tacoma traffic defense services.

Friend us at our Facebook pages: Natalie Durflinger, Ticket Gangsta, James Oliver and Durflinger Oliver & Associates.  Of course, we're in Tacoma, Washington.
If you're a runner, or you're interested in athletes who love pain, check out the Insane Asylum at the Marathon Maniacs page.  We Maniacs live to run as many marathons and ultra marathons as humanly possibly. I'm a relative slacker with a couple dozen under my belt. Last 4th of July I ran four in four days. There's more information on the Maniac's tab on the left.
Martha McLaughlin is a great attorney and valued associate at Durflinger Oliver & Associates.  She helps clients in areas as diverse as DOL licensing hearings, Tacoma criminal defense and Tacoma personal injury. You can find her personal website here.
We'll have a page shortly for our Associate, Ross Brittain. Ross came to Durflinger Oliver & Associates from the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office and has dedicated himself to Tacoma criminal and traffic defense.
We're also developing a website for our Of Counsel Attorney, Nicole Williams. Nicole has years of experience as a Tacoma personal injury lawyer and is focused on protecting her clients and helping them get the best settlement possible.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, observation, or just to say hi.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to talking with you. Call today for your free consultation. Ask about our military discount and easy payment plans.
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