Jim Oliver, Esq. 

Tacoma Attorney

James "Jim" Oliver - A Tacoma Criminal Attorney

Jim graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz before graduating from the Seattle University School of Law in 1998. 
In law school he was employed by the Pierce County District Court as
a mediator.  He mediated hundreds of cases ranging from automobile accidents to business and contract issues.
After law school Jim worked for Davies Pearson, PC in Tacoma, Washington before hanging out his own shingle in 2002.  His current practice focuses on Criminal Defense and Personal Injury.  Jim has represented injured clients in matters ranging from simple car accidents to complex torts with settlements in the six-figures range. He has tried cases from misdemeanors to Attempted Murder. The right attorney can make the difference in your case. Jim has an established relationship with both opposing counsel and judges, and he uses that rapport to work towards a favorable outcome. Practical, affordable, and efficient, Jim Oliver works every possible legal angle of your case.
If you've been ticketed, charged with a crime, or injured, then you have important rights which you must exercise quickly, or you'll lose them. Call Durflinger Oliver & Associates today at 253-683-4180 for your free consultation and peace of mind.  

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