Jim Oliver, Esq. 

Criminal Law Links

DUI State Sentencing Grid. This Link will help you figure out what kind of penalties the court can impose.

Sentencing Reform Act.  This Link will help you calculate the sentencing range for a felony offense.

Natalie Durflinger's personal

Martha McLaughlin's personal website.

Durflinger, Oliver & Associates
website is presently under construction.

Pierce County Superior Court
website.  You can use this site to search for Pierce County case information, Pierce County Jail information and various calendars showing when things are scheduled.

Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association website. This is a good resource for people looking for Pierce County legal information.

TicketGangsta. A Tacoma Traffic Attorney website. Let the Gangstas handle your ticket business for you. You won't even have to show up for court!


Marathon Maniacs. If you love running 26.2, and want to be part of a great group of people, become a Maniac!

Tacoma Runners are on
Facebook.  This is a great Tacoma First running group.  We meet at a different Tacoma Bar or Tavern every Thursday night for a three mile run followed by food, drink and bloviation.

Hal Higdon's
website guided me through my first few marathons.  It's a great resource for runners of any distance and level.

General Links

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Steampunk Vapory Lounge. The Country's only Purveyor of Vaping Supplies with a fine selection of beer, wine and hard cider. You can call it a Tacoma Vaping Bar, a Tacoma Wine Bar, or a Tacoma Electronic Cigarette business. All are apt descriptions

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) website. CASAA'S mission is to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.

Infor on Electronic Cigarettes.

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